Etcétera is a multidisciplinary collective formed in Buenos Aires in 1997. It is composed of poets, actors, visual artists, and musicians. Etcétera was founded to bring art into areas of social conflict and to bring social conflict into spaces of cultural production. The collective works in contemporary art spaces – like museums, galleries, and cultural centers – , as well as in public space – on the streets, in festivals, and protests – , using performance techniques in specific, ephemeral contexts. For this reason, Etcétera’s work can be considered “socially-engaged art.” In 2005, alongside other artists and activists, they founded the International Foundation of the Errorist Movement, an organization that touts error as a philosophy of life. Since 2007, Etcétera’s activities and archives have been coordinated by cofounders Loreto Garín Guzmán and Federico Zukerfeld. In 2013 they received the International Award for Participatory Art in Bologna, Italy, and in 2015 they were given the Prince Claus Award in Amsterdam. They have participated in numerous international exhibitions, such as Ex-Argentina in the Ludwig Museum of Colonia, Germany and Collective Creativity in the Friedericianum Museum in Kassel, Germany. They have also participated in festivals and fairs such as the 8th Biennial of Taipei, Taiwan, the 11th Biennial of Istanbul, Turkey, the 52nd October Salon in Belgrade, Serbia, the 4th Biennial of Athens, the 31st Biennial of Sao Paolo, and the Biennial of Jarcarta, Indonesia.