Cumbiemos el Mundo is an experimental audiovisual project with a hybrid aesthetic that participates in community spaces and gatherings. It reutilizes and re-signifies pre-existing materials, taking inspiration from the pioneers of experimental cinema who painted film by hand. Musically, Cumbiemos’ point of reference is located in the intersections between cumbia, reggae, and dub, in the early collaborations between Pablo Lescano and Fidel Nadal in the seminal work of DJ and producer Taz. 

Cumbiemos’ visual style is easily recognizable, with saturated colors and abstract forms. Rather than staying within the limits of a screen, their interventions wander and explore each space. Cumbiemos can be defined as a curation of images in real time.  It also reclaims the use of basic technologies, making a political gamble with the objective of showing that anyone with a computer and basic VJ software has the materials to develop this kind of artistic expression.